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Our Emergency First Aid for Birds provides an introductory overview of how to manage common medical emergencies when they happen to avian species such as parrots, canaries, etc. This does not include any advanced veterinary medical content regulated by law and the state veterinary practice act.

Topics include: Transporting and restraining sick and/or injured birds, what types of first aid supplies you should have and how to use them , how to perform triage, physical assessments including obtaining vital signs, traumatic injuries such as wounds, bleeding, dietary issues, egg binding and more. The important supplies in the avian first aid kit and how to use them.

Course expires 30 days from date of purchase

Begin your course by clicking on the links below. The course flows in order so you must complete the previous section before you can move to the next section.  At the end of each topic you must click on the green button in the bottom right corner of the page. This will verify that you have completed that topic and give you credit in the grade book. You can monitor your progress in the course by the progress bar at the top of this page and also in the side bar. You can log in and out as many times as you like but must complete the course in 60 days from date of purchase.

Final Exam

 This course has a final exam at the end of the module. These assessment has unlimited attempts however you must pass  with 100% to receive your certificate. 


You will be provided the link to access your e-manual in the Course Introduction section. E-manuals are web hosted and can only be viewed online. They are not downloadable and cannot be printed. Currently there is not a printed version of the e-manual. 

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This course in no way will teach how to administer veterinary care and is an introductory emergency first aid course for horse owners and equine professionals to learn how to manage a medical emergency until veterinary care can be ascertained.

This program 20-769755 is approved by the AAVSB RACE to offer a total of 0.00 CE Credits (0.00 max) being available to any one veterinarian: and/or 1.00 Veterinary Technician CE Credits (1.00 max). This RACE approval is for the subject matter categories of: Category Three: Non-Scientific-Practice Management/Professional Development using the delivery method of Non-Interactive-Distance. This approval is valid in jurisdictions which recognize AAVSB RACE; however, participants are responsible for ascertaining each board’s CE requirements. RACE does not “accredit” or “endorse” or “certify” any program or person, nor does RACE approval validate the content of the program



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